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Blackflow Services

Blackflow Services

Backflow is the undesirable reversal flow of water in a pipeline that could draw contaminates and pollution into the drinking water system. When the drinking water system is connected to anything that could cause impurities to enter back into the drinking water, it's required to be protected by a Backflow Assembly.

Acosta Plumbing Solutions offers commercial and residential backflow testing to ensure that clients remain compliant with all federal and state laws, including all local ordinances. We are dedicated and committed to providing a high quality of service at all times. We test, install, service and repair all makes and models of Backflow Assemblies. Don't wait to be notified by your local water purveyor, call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE to check your /backflow device to ensure you are in compliance with Texas state laws.

Why choose Acosta Plumbing Solutions?

  • We're a certified backflow inspection company
  • ¬†We offer annual backflow inspections
  • We'll make sure you stay in compliance with Texas state laws

Group discounts offered on Backflow Testing and Installation!

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